PROJECT WATCH: New Dawn Hotel Plus now on 13th level

Construction of New Dawn Hotel Plus is now progressing to the 13th level. Although buildings never use 13 in the floor numbering, it’s usually referred to the 14th floor.

Clearly, it is now the tallest structure near the city proper area. The rendering onsite showed the building will have 18 floors so they’re now 5 floors from topping off. At the rate, they could top off in December 2016 or January next year.






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  1. Crunk says:

    5 more to go!

  2. may i ask, where are their customers goin to park their car/services? #JustAsking

  3. Ambot says:

    18floor lagi kay mobo man sab hapit ma sangko ang tag as nga tawo mao na dha

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