PROJECT WATCH: Centrio-Gaisano Overpass now open

The new pedestrian overpass between Gaisano Mall and Centrio is now open.

As per info, the contractor decided to open the overpass with just some electrical wiring (for the lighting) left to be installed just in time for the city fiestas.


Meanwhile, work continues for the Gaisano entrance linking the overpass and workers estimate 3 days for completion.


Motor vehicles cruising along CM Recto can now move hassle-free between the malls.


Meanwhile, the pedestrian lane near Nazareno Church is now also closed.



Pedestrians crossing CM Recto now won’t have to worry about speeding vehicles.


The only disadvantage for this structure is for the elderly or the physically impaired who need to climb 2 flights of stairs on one side and descend 2 more flights of stairs on the other side.


The new structure is a good shelter for pedestrians from sun and rain.


View some shots from the overpass HERE.

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  1. YODA says:

    An eyesore this structure is.

  2. latikla says:

    we experienced earlier there was an elderly who hardly climb the stair and cause of congestion next behind the elder since two way only and imagine on rush hour?, and on the case of physically impaired or elder, big problem to them…just saying.

  3. Jim says:

    What about people with disabilities and the aged and infirm?

  4. kolokoy says:

    nice but how about the National Building Code, RA 7277 and BP 344? pwede ra diay wala na? kung mag-apply ta ug permit na magconstruct ta, pakitaan dayun ta sa libro

  5. victor says:

    Congratulations to all those who made this possible. It’s a
    big help to ease traffic.

  6. Grahame says:

    Yes, currently its a big problem for the disabled and wheelchair-bound, now that the street-level pedestrian crossing has been closed. It is a pity Centrio-Ayala, unlike Gaisano, has not cooperated and opened up direct access on their second floor to the footbridge.

  7. MangMags says:

    I hope walay mga ads dinha sa overpass limpyu tanawOn. Medjo solved na gamay traffic dinha nga dapit.

  8. tsada girl says:

    ayaw ninyo butangi og billboard sa samsung galaxy ug uban pa pls

  9. SKYWALKER says:

    It’s a pity, if only maybe the city could invest a little bit more, to make the pedestrian overpass “better” – usable by our impaired fellows and not an eyesore to what is a rapidly developing city.

    If it’s not beautiful, people will not take care of it, and so in some future this pedestrian overpass will most likely be demolished, or remade to be “more worthy” of a very competitive city. It’s too bad long term pro-active solutions were thrown out the window.

  10. Letecia wabe says:

    Ayaw intawon butangi ug mga billboard ang overpass aron ang mga driver dili mag sigi hangad ug tan aw to avoid bangga

  11. mark says:

    pra dili eyesore, butangan ug billboard ni jessy mendiola nga nag two piece

  12. BRIAN says:


  13. duh! says:

    escalator unta para sa mga elderly ug disabled person

  14. latikla says:

    naa gihapon ga tabok sa pedestrian lane even gi close na, dili excuse na wala mo kabalo na giclose na or dili mo taga CDO, but common sense being a civilized citizen. naay mother together with their children, young men and ladies, mga sexy pajod pero way alamag..naku..lord help mga gahig ulo.

  15. beep says:

    basta2 ra pag himo sa overpass lagi uy, dako man ata budget ani. bantog dili ganahan ang ayala kay tan awa raw gud ang design, maka daot sa ilang facade

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