2 BPO firms to start operations at One Providence next month


Two BPO firms namely: Azpired and Envizion Philippines are set to start operations next month (September) at the new One Providence at Lifestyle District along Corrales Extension, Cagayan de Oro City.

Azpired is a new outsourcing company focusing on technical support services with offices in Cebu while Envizion is an online tutorial services center aiming to create more than 250 jobs.

These openings further boosted the city’s growth in the IT-BPO industry.

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  1. Azpired employs 1300 employees in Cebu city and will begin in Cagayan by creating 550 new jobs in the call center industry just to get started.

  2. Alma Rubie says:

    Can you please post a link where I can read about this company? Desperately need a job…

    • mark says:

      Azpired is the new name of Ebusiness Bpo. a small player in the bpo industry. not as good as the other companies. tons of negative feedbacks abound on their cebu site. beware!

  3. Happy to be part of Azpired. 1 year and counting. 🙂 Welcome to the City of Golden Friendship.

  4. Mark says:

    How much is the basic pay?

  5. wil says:

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