CDO baby gets 5 shares of SM Investments

photo from SM Investments Corporation Facebook page

photo from SM Investments Corporation Facebook page

Cora Guidote, SM Investments Corp. SVP for Investor Relations, recently promised a 5-month-old baby boy from Cagayan de Oro five shares of SM Investments. This was during an SM Investments roadshow in the city. Coincidentally, the baby’s first name also has the initials SM for Sage Matthew.

More details HERE.

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  1. judy may garrido says:

    I want to try in an investment venture with SM but how . .maski yung sa minimum lang.
    hope to hear from you

  2. wil says:

    Hi, you need to open online stock broker to invest at SM Investment Corp.. If you are new to stock investing, I suggest COL Financials an online stock broker, initial investment is 5k to start investing. But just to give you an update, current market price of SM is P 690.500 per share with min board lot of 10, so you need more than 6k to own at least 10 shares of SM. But as stock trader I suggest to study first about stock investing before you invest. I am not an expert but I’m doing day trading and at the same time long term investment in stocks. I’m also a financial adviser to one of the biggest mutual fund company in the Philippines. For more info just email me at

  3. wil says:

    I mean open po kayo ng account nyo sa online stock broker and deposit initial investment to start investing. tnx

  4. wil says:

    BPI trade has no initial investment to open an account but you still need to deposit to start investing. Tnx

  5. kuripot@yahoocom says:

    5 shares lang? you can’t even trade that in PSE! you have to trade that in another “special” market (below the minimum), so hassle for the winner! I THINK SM SHOULD BE ashamed of giving such a SMALL PRIZE! the winner will surely have a hard time selling 5 shares!

    shame on you Cora Guidote!


  6. kuripot@yahoocom says:

    ODD lot market, the winner has to sell such shares at the “ODD LOT” market!, what a shame SM! kung mamimigay ka naman sana, kahit 10 shares nalang! grabe talaga! sobrang kuripot niyo!

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