Gaisano Mall to connect to new overpass

Shoppers in Gaisano Mall won’t have to exit the mall via the ground floor in crossing CM Recto Avenue as the mall will be connected to the new pedestrian overpass through a new opening at the second floor.

As shown below, a new opening is seen along the side of the mall’s second floor to provide access to the new overpass which is yet to be inaugurated.




Meanwhile, there are still no works observed on the other side whether the overpass will be connected to Centrio Mall for easy access for shoppers.

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  1. jil says:

    It would be good idea if Centrio will open the access of this overpass at its 3RD LEVEL just like Glorietta in Manila. It will increase foot traffic in that area.

  2. Grahame says:

    Yes, and it will make it much easier and smoother for the disabled, instead of having to find their way up those steps from the street level.

  3. BRIAN says:

    Yes come on Centrio open youre end of the walkway think of your customers ???

  4. RFM says:

    masisira ang beauty nang Centrio if connected directly to the building.

  5. CDOBoy says:

    connect nalang na sa sm

  6. fritz gerald says:

    it is connected to where….centrio…???

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