San Miguel Corp., Malaysia’s MTD Group and the group of businessman Manuel V. Pangilinan have shown interest at the Mindanao Railway Project, which is a “high priority” project of the Duterte administration.

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  • kagayha an

    my 2 cents opinion mas ok kong foriegn or international kay sa pinoy look at manilas Lrt/Mrt from japanese maintainance to pinoy nagka lokoloko im for international and kong pinoy taga loslosson nasab mag kontrol sa mindanao railway lokohon dayon ang budget kibingan aron didto sa loslosson gamiton

  • More than “sure” here…I have traveled/driven the highways built by MTD in Malaysia and admit that the highways are world-class, but,sorry! … this company has NOT operated any railway that I know of, so, again we are taking a big chance w/ this MTD. Better for the Duterte admin to accept the offer of the Japanese (whose foreign minister was here recently for talks w/ PDu30).
    The Japanese are the EXPERTS when it comes to railroad systems (just look at their bullet trains or Shinkansen that crisscross the islands of Japan), and the financial package to us is UNMATCHED: (1) 40 yrs. payment at 1.0% interest/yr; (2) 10 yrs grace period; (3) Yen-denominated special loan (not dollar-denominated) so more stable. Pres Digong should also veer away from China, which, aside from grabbing our territory in the Spratlys, has been supplying us sub-standard MRT trains that is now the big, big headache of Metro Manilans!
    I sincerely believe we should go Japan for our very own Mindanao Railways System! para sure, ba…

    • Crusader

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