Thai tourism group to visit Cagayan de Oro in September

photo by Jetsetter Asia

photo by Jetsetter Asia

Thai Travel Agents Association (TTAA) President Suparerk Soorangura has announced that they will be coming to the Philippines in September this year for the Philippine Travel Exposition (PHITEX) and tour a few cities including Cagayan de Oro City, among others.

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  1. BRIAN says:

    How about starting with a international air port the people of cdo are very friendly good beaches white water rafting golf shopping but nothing gets done to much toking we need action

  2. pikat says:

    correct ka dyan isa pa kanang mga thai ipaadto na sa carmen public market og agora para maka ingon nga wow nindota baho baho man

  3. pikat says:

    cogon diay wala naman diay agora sorry

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