PROJECT WATCH: Centrio-Gaisano Overpass to be opened soon

The long wait is almost over as the pedestrian overpass across two major malls along CM Recto Avenue in Cagayan de Oro City will soon be opened.

As shown in the latest photos, the canopies of the overpass and the stairways has just been installed.



Crossing the road in the section has been troublesome and a traffic hazard for both pedestrians and motorists. The overpass will definitely eliminate said risks.



When this is finally opened, hopefully, the pedestrian crossing near Nazareno Church will be closed permanently.

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  1. Lemons says:

    This is by far the most useful overpass

  2. batang mindanao says:

    butangan daun ni ug billboard ug ads sa mga katol ug kamot

  3. lonskie says:

    maypa ning gaisano na pay access direct sa overpass ang ayala wala pay plano?

  4. That been needed long time happy it’s final there.
    Good work looks nice😉👍

  5. RFM says:

    The heavy traffic along this area will not be solved if the loading and unloading would still be along CM Recto. I suggest loading and unloading will be at Roa St. This means that jeepneys must turn right to Roa St. and load and unload at Roa St. then proceed to Agudo St. and turn right to Osmena St and then turn right to Luna St and back to Roa St then proceed to CM Recto.

  6. Tsada mapuslan gyud ni nga project sa masa.

  7. Kenji says:

    Ingon rufus dati naa sya elevator for pwd kron asa nman to iya saad

  8. MangMags says:

    Dako untag fine ang mutabok nga dili maggamit ug over pass para puslan gyud. What is kapoi saka compare to safety. Hehehe

  9. FlipzyChick says:

    Wala jud ko kabantay na nahuman najud diay ni. hehe! At last, dili nako magbaklay ug layo para lang makatabok sa pedestrian kay naa namay overpass. 🙂

  10. rela driver says:

    Gamit kaayo inig human sa misa sa Nazareno Parish

  11. Gene Eric says:

    Only the mesh grid needs to be installed so that kids don’t fall through. Will be open before fiesta.

  12. Gene Eric says:

    and the Vertical Clearance signages

  13. Gene Eric says:

    and electricity lights, hehe

  14. dodoy says:

    long overdue na kini na project! who’s project is/was this? change is here na ky so DU30 ma ato presidente busa, ayaw na dugaya pag abri ani, palihog lang!!!

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