Kaligo is a Singapore-based start-up hotel booking service that will earn you airline miles instead of hotel program points. Kaligo is more focused at the Asia-Pacific and European markets, versus their competitors who are US centric, with Cebu Pacific Air (GetGo Rewards) now added as one of their partners, GetGo members can now earn as much as times 10 points when booking your hotel stay using Kaligo.

Getting Started.

If you are still not a member of Cebu Pacific Air GetGo Rewards, sign up by clicking the link  >> here <<.

Sign up at Kaligo Website by clicking >> here <<. ( Kindly use this referral link, it will help me a lot, plus you will get an extra 1,000 miles on your first booking). Register your GetGo account under “My Account” then “My Memberships”.

How to earn the points ?


Just use Kaligo to book your hotel stay wherever you go, example a 3 nights stay in Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort and Spa will cost you 18.8K php per night excluding taxes and fees but will let you earn 28,500 points for a 3 nights stay as per the time of writing this article.

Kaligo also includes cheaper hotel and hostels and still offer bigger points rewards compared to spending your credit card to accumulate points.

Their partner list so far includes Krisflyer Miles, Asia Miles and Etihad Guest, plus AAdvantage, British Airways Executive Club, and United Mileage Plus among others.

Generally Kaligo’s pricing will compete well with other consolidators  like Booking.com and Expedias but you may still find better outright deals by booking direct, so make sure you always do a comparison to check.

What to do with your GetGo points?

Login to GetGo website and redeem your free flight(s), a flight from Cebu to Manila will costs to from 2,890 – 7,500 points depends on availability so your 28,500 points will really go a long way. For more details on points destination cost login to GetGo website and try to book a flight and check the points cost.

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