RANDOM SHOTS: S&R Cagayan de Oro now open

Thousands packed the grand opening of S&R Cagayan de Oro today as the famed membership shopping begins its operations in Northern Mindanao.

After the formal blessing and inauguration, S&R opened its doors to the public at exactly 10:00am. But hours before the opening, traffic was already building along Kauswagan-Bulua Highway as vehicles have started to line up to enter the warehouse’s compound.


Customers start to queue along the side … waiting their turn. The first shoppers had to wait a couple of hours before being let inside. However, customer inflow started to normalize after the opening but still with long lines of eager and curious shoppers. Waiting time was somehow reduced to a few minutes.



The inside was packed and all counters are full of paying customers.



Accordingly, some customers have come from Bukidnon, Lanao and Agusan provinces.


Even the famed pizza has customers lining up.



Customers were of all ages…




Meanwhile, many customers are still applying for membership.




The parking area is full. S&R had to deploy a number of security personnel around the compound and along the perimeter.



Many customers have parked along the National Highway.


This is just the first day, more customers are expected to arrive this weekend.

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  1. JC says:

    Congratulations SnR!!! Thanks for investing in CdO.

  2. brynox says:

    mka hinumdum ko sa MAKRO pg open dghan kyo tao….abot pila ka mga days….mingaw nkyo…..

    • Alas says:

      Dli man kaau dghan ang nangadto sa opening sa makro oy. Normal lang na dghan kai dli kaau xa ana ka sikat. Dli prehas ani. Ug sauna, wla pa kaau mga investors ug migrants sa cdo ato na time. Pero unta enuf na sa mga retail industry. Dpat bpo industry na sad pls.

    • jil says:

      Makro and SNR are 2 different stores. While Makro was selling commodities that you can find in your neighboring Sari-Sari stores and Gaisano, SNR items are mostly imported goods.

      So no comparison at all.

      • Marie says:

        Simply comparing the shoppers on the 1st day and not the store itself. Let us see if S&R will be able to retain most of its members ☺ the same with SM before naka cause pa og traffic along Pryce. But now mingaw na.

        • jil says:

          Airport transfer from Lumbia to Laguindingan is the primary reason why the foot traffic at SM uptown is now not the same as before.

        • Ruby says:

          Girl consider the location sa SM, tuyoon kaayo. Kining S&R accessible man ug sikat pud. But soon mag open nang SM nga dako diha sa sentro, makita nimo dili pud mabitin sa customers.

  3. dodobg12345 says:

    apil q sa doot jah gniha bah…. 🙂

  4. maykel jackston says:

    cdo`s purchasing power is different before than what it is today

  5. Jk says:

    This is a sad event which pinoy famous for follow the mob mentality of being able to get the feeling of new with not much productive gained at the end except contributing only chaos.

  6. BRIAN says:


  7. pikat says:

    very cold ang place pero bad xperienced.na doble ako bayad kay ako atm card g deduct na sa banko pero ilang system wala daw migana.na sranded kog 2 hrs resulta nagbayad kog cash nagdeduct pa gyod ang bank sa ako.dapat e check na inyo machine dha intawon.

  8. Virginia says:

    Congratulations Cdo for having S&R in the city.Now my kids can just buy those stuff that we used to send them.Now it’s already there and the price are just almost the same.

  9. jon23 says:

    so hows the volume of shoppers few days after the opening?

  10. J says:

    Haha, naa dapat unta follow up update ani after pila ka weeks kung daghan pa ba gihapon tawo. I’m sure parehas ra ni sa rustan’s na daghan nig opening pero later on, namingaw na. Or shopwise. Besides it’s true, a lot of Kagay-anons attested this is the common consumers’ behavior here.

  11. Candice says:

    Good to hear that CdeO have now a S&R it’s Costco like here in USA👍

  12. poe loe bei says:

    xmpre yots adto jd ka sa cogon mangompra kay wla dadto sa S&R imong paborito nga mega sardines ug ginamos

  13. marloe says:

    musta nani after a week sa pagopen?

    • jil says:

      The shop is still packed, the parking areas are still full of cars. With almost half of Mindanao a captured market, the volume of customers is already expected to be this big.

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