PROJECT WATCH: New Dawn Hotel Plus rendering posted onsite – finally

After a long time, the rendering of NEW DAWN HOTEL PLUS is finally posted onsite. The high-rise expansion of New Dawn Pensionne is located along Don Apolinar Velez Street in downtown Cagayan de Oro.

As shown, the building will have 18 floors and the official name is NEW DAWN HOTEL PLUS.


Construction is now progressing on the 11th and 12th floors.




Keep posted.

with photo by mm17

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  1. 02 says:

    Murag smartphone lang “Plus” 😄

  2. Jk says:

    Traffic is terrible and location is bad for any would be tourist client.

    • tres singko sais says:

      traffic adds up to the adventure of would be tourists. The more traffic, the more fun and memorable.

      • Krigh says:

        Yes! i agree with that, I am a tourist and having a lil bit of traffic here and there is freakingly amazing!

  3. Greenwich connecticut says:

    Niya asa man inyong parking lot ana,underground? Mura mag piot kay na diha nga lugar, niya gamay, traffic pa more

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