That winding road section of Sayre Highway in Puerto, Cagayan de Oro City has long been an accident-prone area. The section from Upper Puerto down to the Junction at National Highway which is locally referred to as Carmen Hill has witnessed numerous vehicular accidents resulting to injuries, loss of lives and damage to properties as well. Most often, accidents are caused by mechanical failure (loss of brakes), human error and other traffic hazards.

A concerned citizen sent us these photos (from Google Street View) showing an example of one traffic hazard in the area which is unsafe and dangerous to motor vehicles. Shown is a multicab parked on the Bukidnon-bound lane which is a traffic hazard to ascending vehicles. Note presence of numerous parked trucks at right.

Vehicle Always Parked at Puerto

Accordingly, the section is not a parking area and the road is not fully maximized. The road was widened supposedly to have four (4) lanes but has not been maximized because the outer lane is being used for parking.

Here’s another angle showing another parked delivery van ahead.

Vehicle Always Parked at Puerto 2

Photo is the area encircled.

Vehicle Always Parked at Puerto 3

The concerned citizen is calling on concerned government agencies like the LTO and RTA of the city to look into the matter and enforce appropriate rules in the area for the safety not just for the motorists but for the general public.

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