PROJECT WATCH: New Dawn Pensionne Expansion now on 11th floor

Construction of the 18-storey New Dawn Pensionne Expansion Building in Cagayan de Oro City is now progressing to the 11th floor.

As shown, concreting works are underway at the 10th and 11th floors.


When completed, this will be the tallest building along Don Apolinar Velez Street.


The three lower floors with higher ceilings will be leased for commercial use.


Development of the building can be seen from as far as a kilometer away.


Keep posted.

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  1. ang issue napod ani ky walay parking allotment.

  2. chicco111 says:

    naa parking building diha itukod sa existing. Ang way hanaw ayaw pataka.

  3. joseas says:

    ayuhon na unta na nila ang spag wires dhang dapit oy. di bitaw na bahaonon nga lugar. i-underground cable nalang

  4. Charz says:

    Paghilom way hanaw ..ignorant.basta highrise building gani ang parking is in basement and podium.naa sa ilawom sa building ang parking lot.. mao nay gitawag og basement ang podium parking!

  5. ken says:

    saba mo ., muara pod mog mga taga city engineer

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