RANDOM SHOTS: The Public Telephone Booth

Before the advent of the cellular phone, people use public telephone booths as means of communication whenever they are out in the streets.

Today, with almost all adults and even the minors have access to the handy cellular phone, the public telephone booth like the one shown below has become a ‘museum” of sort.


This payphone booth located at the Vicente de Lara (Capitol) Park in Cagayan de Oro City is what’s left of the once vital infrastructure which ushered the city’s growth thru communication more than two decades ago.


Here are photos inside the booth.



Because of its popularity, a song entitled “Tatlong Biente Singko” (Three 25 cents) became a hit on the airwaves.




There used to be a phone book beneath…


By the way, there are two of these at the park. Have you ever tried it once before?

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  1. Gene Eric says:

    I have never seen this as I rarely walk across the park in front of the Capitol. Interesting!

  2. Adele says:

    It’s me

  3. Ruffy Hernaez says:

    Is Vicente de Lara Park is also known as MacArthur Park? I did not see this booth when I was there in February 2016. I don’t know why the city changed its name. :/

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