VIDEO WATCH: Cagayan de Oro Coastal Road as of July 2016


Screenshot by Project LUPAD

Construction of the four-lane, 8.46 kilometer long Cagayan de Oro Coastal Road from Barangay Puntod to Gusa is now on its 6th year and it seems there’s still much more work to be done before motorists can finally utilize this road.

Watch the progress in this latest aerial project update by Project LUPAD below.

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  1. bo roa says:

    as usual, function over form japun ni nga project. if you’ve been to other countries, they put much value on aesthetics sa mga infrastructure nila so these become tourist attractions and, ergo, attract more visitors to the city, ergo, more commerce, ergo, more jobs. doesn’t take rocket science to figure that out.

    • joseas says:

      wala na daw mabulsa kung itake into consideration pa ang design. hahay!

      • lito says:

        Diyaaaa! Mura man sad kag naay basehan nga namulsa cla. Ayaw cgeg yawit doy, wa raba kay ebidensya.

        • Ari Teves says:

          hahahaha sacto jud ka pre mora silag magnum radyo walay klarong ebidensya pero ngalngal dayon

          • joseas says:

            “di pud gani mo sure kung namulsa sila.” hahahaha! shatap beee!

          • joseas says:

            “di pud gani mo sure kung wala jud sila namulsa ani nga project.”

          • joseas says:

            pila na bani ka years under construction ooy? Naa pay initiative ang pasimuno ani to pass a bill for additional budget appropriation of 500 million kay nakulangan sa budget. Alangan, gihinay hinayan man ang project (pag-acquire sa Right of way, even implementing the power of eminent domain). Pila na bay presyo sa cemento saona og karon? for sure mas dako na ang cost of implementation ani today. Don’t tell me maski uno centavo walay nasulod sa bulsa ani? #BenefitoftheDoubt lamlam

          • joseas says:

            Planned in 2009; started construction in 2010. Target date to finish 2011. 1.4 billion funding approved upon start of construction. Project halted. 2014- Additional 500 million fund (bill passed to congress) for resume of construction. Target date to finish: ? Ano nangyari sa lost years between 2011-2014?

    • Ari Teves says:

      why do you guys always have nitpick.. do not compare our country to other countries which are more advanced and glad we have this road on the drawing board and under construction which will at least ease the already congested national highway…geez!

  2. manchester-united says:

    dapat tsadahon pana tamnan ug palm tree para tourist attraction na dira….

  3. Grahame says:

    Great photography and update. Thanks CdoDev. But when will it be completed?

  4. Katkat says:

    Mahinlo na unta ang mga squatters diha. kaayo tan.awon!

  5. jorge tadlad says:

    Ngano ang Guda portion lang inyong gipakita? Unda nay update sa portion diin gi-reclaim ni Goking ang dagat ug gibabagan ang dalan? Hadlok mo niya? 😬

  6. van says:

    The video mentions a “baywalk”. So there will be a baywalk? Like the shores/beaches of Atlantic City and some other coastal cities in the US, where can walk on a pier-like wooden platform(parallel to the road), see the beautiful sceneries, buy souvenirs/foods along the way, and go to some attractions/rides like the ones on Santa Monica Pier?

  7. ken says:

    parehason unta na sa bolevard sa zamboanga nga nice kaayu ,or sa davao and dumaguete para attractive

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