We just posted a while ago about the ongoing construction of Northern Mindanao Medical Center’s 6-storey Oncology Center (LINK). Said project is just the latest of the multi-billion masterplanned development of the medical c0mplex in Cagayan de Oro City.

Shown below is the PROPOSED INDICATIVE MASTER PLAN for NMMC. This is posted at the hospital’s bulletin board which can be viewed by the general public. You can see the different buildings with distinct colors and letter markings.


Here’s a closer look which shows Building C (6-storey Heart-Lung-Kidney Center)-under construction, Building B (3-storey Maintenance/Motorpool)-existing, Building A (4-storey OPD)-existing and Building E (6-storey Cancer Center)-under construction. Building G is the main hospital building which will become an 8-storey structure soon as proposed.


On the other side are Building D (6-storey New Ward Bldg)-under construction, and Building F (6-storey O.R. Complex)-proposed.


On the right side of the plan are the brief details of the development.


Here’s a closer look.



As indicated, all buildings will connected via bridges.


There’s another layout showing the existing NMMC as compared to the master plan.



Some existing buildings are labeled temporary and will be demolished to give way to the proposal. Among them are H (4-storey Main Hospital Building), I (2-storey OB-ER & Ward), J (2-storey ER & Ward), K (1-storey Transient Ward), and L (1-storey ER Pending Cases).



When completed, patients seeking medical help for various health reasons may need not go to Manila or Cebu.

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