PROJECT WATCH: New development at parking area of Limketkai Gateway Park

There’s another new ongoing development at Limketkai Center this time at the parking lot of Limketkai Gateway Park right beside Puregold.

As shown, heavy equipment are already onsite in preparation for civil works.


There are rumors of what’s rising in the said area but we’ll wait for further verification and confirmation.


Meantime, we’ll keep you posted on updates at the site.




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  1. Zohan says:

    Hoping for a BPO office 😀

  2. joseas says:

    maganda jan commercial strip. then may midrise or high rise BPO.

  3. Jepoy says:

    Just in: One reliable sources told me that this will be a comercial 69.5 storey building with high-end facility with free wi-fi onboard.

    • Rio says:

      69.75 daw para taller. duh

    • ken says:

      hilom pataka nmn ka ., what made you think nga mka daog pa ang yuta sa ana kadako nga project???., nag warning nmn gni kay too soft ra daw ang yuta for taller building,, ipag pakog tamo sa imo source krun ,. bsen kamo akong i pa barog dha., buangggg.,

  4. Bong says:

    More true Comments pls.

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