Librewry Cafe to open Sunday, July 10


Need some space to work or study? You might as well visit THE LIBREWRY CAFE, another library themed study area cum coffee shop which will be opening in Cagayan de Oro City soon.

The Librewry Cafe located along Don Apolinar Velez St. fronting Sentro 1850 will have its soft opening on Sunday, July 10, 2016 and will be open for 24 hours.


Unlike other coffee shops or study areas, it has several bookshelves, hence, called “library”… with a variety of books to read. Check it out next week.

all images by Librewry Cafe

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  1. J Bana says:

    Librewry Cafe is an excellent idea for students and professionals who need the space to relax and read and eat!

  2. Gene Eric says:

    Would be great if each carrel (cubicle) has power outlets for laptops & charging phones and better if it has free Wifi and I like that space above where you can shove other things to free the hands and concentrate on the matter at hand.

  3. RFM says:

    the idea is good. but the layout and its chairs and dividers seem too rigid and compressing. just a thought.

  4. Kim Kai says:

    This is a piece of heaven for a book lover like me ^^

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