Customs forms team to curb smuggling in CDO ports

photo by CNNPhilippines

photo by CNNPhilippines

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) has formed a seven-man team that will “crack the whip” on corrupt personnel, smugglers and illegal brokers at Cagayan de Oro Port and all other ports under the jurisdiction of BOC-10.

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  1. ben Zayb says:

    Fine, but can they be trusted to police themselves? If top-ranked police generals of the PNP could not be caught for so long because they themselves were the big-time drug lords, will the BOC do any better? Sorry, but it was Pres Duterte himself who said that P2 BILLION PESOS ARE LOST EVERYDAY by the govt. due to corruption in just these 2 bureaus – the Customs bureau and the BIR. This has since been validated by 1 of the 2,000 BIR field personnel that anonymously “confessed” this shameful anomaly in an FB posting.
    Maayo pa butangan diha sa BOC-10 ug volunteer watcher nga high-ranking ex-military nga pinili sa Presidente. Ug dugang pa, BUHATA NA NGA COMPUTERIZED ang transaction diha. Mga 10 yrs na ni gi-introduce ang computerization sa Customs apan karon way nahitabo….

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