RANDOM SHOTS: “Water Over Troubled Bridge”


The photo above posted by Tito Mora in his Facebook account shows a flooded Kagay-an Bridge (connecting Carmen and Nazareth) after a heavy downpour today, July 2. Most likely, the drainage outlets have already been clogged by either hardened mud or debris.

The condition ironically is compared to a popular 70s hit song by Simon & Garfunkel, the classic “Bridge Over Troubled Water“..but in this case in Cagayan de Oro City, it’s “Water Over Troubled Bridge“.

photo by Tito Mora

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  1. Sonic7 says:

    Pwede pud bridge under troubled water…hats off to the engineers who made this bridge…

  2. Mike Farrell says:

    It has been that way since he bridge was first built. It was totally flooded and closed during Typhoon Sendong.

  3. Royale says:

    Napansin ko lang mga developments sa city ay nung mga projects sa year 2013 humina ba yung economy nung pag 2014?

  4. Grahame says:

    It shouldn’t be, but it continues to amaze me how run-off and drainage are not adequately catered for as part of roading construction and highway maintainance, especially here in CdO. As Mike Farrell says the problem on this bridge has been there since it was first built.

    Maybe “most likely, the drainage outlets have already been clogged by either hardened mud or debris”. But more likely the drainage outlets were not installed. It would take little to drill drainage holes in the bridge to drain the water into the river below. What’s the excuse?

    While we are on this topic there are plenty of places around this city where, even after five months of drought, there is continual water run-off from broken pipes and illegal drainage from private premises. I know of at least three places like this along Masteson Avenue.

    So whose job in this fair city is it to maintain and fix such drainage problems. Perhaps his/her contract should be reviewed?

    Thanks CdODev for highlighting the problem and let’s hope it can be permanently fixed.

  5. kim2x says:

    Unta ang mga dalan ug drainage napud ang ayuhon kay perwisyo najud

  6. ken says:

    medyo naay sayop anang pagka hemu ana nga part kay medyo lalum na nga part mao ga pundo ang tubig. ika duha, kun e check na karun ang mga HOLES ana na isip drainage sa water gi SAMPONGAN na or nag CLOGGED. sumatotal, PALPAK! hehhe

  7. cdoh! says:

    city of golden waters

  8. Gene Eric says:

    Dugay na gyud kaayo na nga problema, simple raman unta ang pag buslot sa salog, Malas lang kung naay balay sa ubos.

  9. Art says:

    i also saw this unusual flooding of an ELEVATED bridge. i posted a video taken on the same day of this flooded Kagay-an bridge on you tube https://youtu.be/dm_60jDLAcM

  10. ang probinsyano says:

    sige kog labay anang tulay kada buntag, bisan pag hinay nga ulan, gapondo jud ang tubig diha, walay kaagian mao gabaha na. hinaot unta nga maresolba na sa CDO Dev team ang kanang problemaha

  11. cdoh! says:

    clearly an engineering failure

  12. Mike Farrell says:

    I believe that the observations here accomplished something. This morning (4 July) there was a ,crew working on the bridge’s drainage system.

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