Cagayan de Oro listed among Best Places in the Philippines for Foreign Retirees


photo by Jes Sim Palarca

Many foreigners want to retire in the Philippines and many more are planning to spend the rest of their lives in this tropical archipelago…guess what, Cagayan de Oro City, the City of Golden Friendship, has been shortlisted as among the best places for foreign retirees as ranked by Lamudi, a global online property portal focusing on emerging real estate markets. The list took into consideration the cost of living, the presence of basic necessities, and the overall retirement atmosphere of the area.

Read the Lamudi article HERE.

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  1. Can be a good place to live, infrastructure is possible, but should not destroy the natural and forests.

  2. .Jane Hamilton says:

    A Paradise Indeed.

  3. pikat says:

    paradise sa imong mata.abi nimo walay nindot nga landmark sa cdo infact nagsalig lang ta sa ayala og sm pero government project wala.look ang provincial capitol perteng hugawa naay namaligya og okayokay.ang syudad walay public plaza nga pwede ma exercise ang mga retirees.naay pelaez nga maot pod dayon naay merkado nga haskang hugawa ntawon.cleanliness maoy kulang aning syudara.

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