CDO-based Accounting Firm gets “Seal of Excellence”


JSC CO., CPAS, founded in 2009 in Cagayan de Oro City by Gladeys Jill A. Santos-Cua, recently has been chosen as one of the recipients of the “Global Awards for Marketing and Business Excellence” given by the Phil. Communication Event Management Inc. (PCEM Inc.). More specifically, the firm was chosen as BEST ACCOUNTING & AUDITING FIRM (National Awards).

See the scanned copy of the award notice below.


The awarding ceremonies is set on August 12, 2016 at Sofitel Philippine Plaza. Know more about the award below.


The firm which started small in Cagayan de Oro takes pride as the only provincial auditing firm expanding and making waves in the national arena. Ms Gladeys Jill A. Santos-Cua thought such humbling achievement will inspire local Kagay-anons to do better and become big…!!!

View its website HERE.

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  1. Mike Farrell says:

    I guess it was too much trouble for the bestower of the awards to learn something about MailMerge and send out individualied oetters of Congratulations and Notification of the award.
    “Dear Sir/Madam, We are honorored to congratulate your company/brand/services”.

    Sounds too much like spam e-mails I receive telling me I have won a lottery, and to receive it I must ……… .

  2. CDO Guy says:

    yeah, looks like a SPAM, pls check with Sofitel if there’s such a reservation made for the said date (a downpayment is required for such reservation)

  3. verify your news! says:

    FAKE AWARD NI SIYA! CDO-DEV BETTER CHECK on these reports / news before posting…. otherwsie, CDO Dev will loose it’s credibility!

  4. CDODev Admin says:

    it’s more of a MARKETING AWARD…

  5. verify your news! says:

    check this out, this is exactly similar, this is a bullshit award, they were told to pay 15,000 to pay for such award, do you get my point? CDO-DEV, I would like to recommend my DOG as the recepient of the BEST DOG AWARD too, awarded by me…… pls post this in your article

  6. verify your news! says:

    yeah, marketing award, pay 15k, and you will be given an award!

  7. verify your news! says:

    as mentioned by Mike Farrell, a company giving an award, doesnt event know the name of the managing director or the brand/services of the company they are awarding? the award letter is just generic and sent to thousands of customers hoping to get a few potential stupid clients.