Missy Bon Bon’s pasalubong box


Missy Bon Bon started its pasalubong box just a few years ago and since then, Cagayan de Oro’s premier breadshop has customized its packaging to reflect the city it represents.

Now considered a favorite pasalubong craving, Missy Bon Bon’s products (pastel, ensaymada, cinnamon, sponge cake and other bread) are beautifully packed in bright colored boxes. As an added feature on the box, images of whitewater rafting which is Cagayan de Oro’s top tourist attraction are printed on one of the sides.


On one side is the McArthur Memorial Marker and two persons in ziplines.


Designs vary from sizes and placement of the images.


You can also see the Heritage Monument on another side.



The St. Augustine Cathedral is also shown on another side.


Missy Bon Bon’s branches in the city are also reflected.


Below is the box bottom.


Missy Bon Bon – truly from Cagayan de Oro. Visit its website HERE.

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  1. Palaboi says:

    Missy Bon Bon.. Truly a copycat.

    • Missy Bon Bon says:

      Copycat? in what sense? could you please give specifics. We will take all statements by you as constructive criticisms so please tell us more what you think about Missy Bon Bon. Thank you.

  2. Ging-Ging says:

    yah thats TRUE they are copy cat Pastel !!!! @missybonbon sino ba na unang nag benta ng pastel diba Vjandep Camiguin… yang @missy bon bon puro commercialized yung ingredients nyo kaya si Vjandep nag commercialized narin.

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