With the start of the school year, the hustle and bustle in Cagayan de Oro City is now back.

Traffic jams everywhere, increased foot traffic in malls, packed fast food chains, long lines in school supply stores, students in uniform, parents dropping off their children at schools… as they say it’s back to normal.


It’s also the start of DepEd’s K to 12 Program…more enrollees in private schools. More students from the provinces transferring to the city.


More new business openings…more workers migrating… increased need for housing, etc… the list goes on and on. Can the city cope up with the increased migration from the provinces?

photos courtesy by Jes Sim Palarca

  • Doderlein

    Please update us on the pedestrian overpass between Gaisano & Centrio mall. It looks almost complete but why it remain closed up to now? Who’s project and who’s the contractor of this project? Why the delay in the opening? The name of the contractor should be placed on site so we can properly addressed our concerns

    • Zohan

      as you can see it on those photos it still has no roof so Dili pa angayan pa agian probably by next month or before sa City fiesta 😀

      • flak

        mao ba?

  • Contractor

    Paghowat oi excited ra kaayu ka! ayaw ka balaka inday kay ikaw gyud ang una nga makatunob ana inig homan

    • doderlein

      Mao ni angay I ban na contractor ni DU30 ?? kwarta

  • Gene Eric

    When the flyover at Macanhan Junction was opened (after a long time of suffering from us living uptown who had to use alternate clogged routes during construction), traffic was solved for only a short time because the bumper to bumper traffic near Pryce Plaza is baaack. Hopefully they will speed up construction of Balulang-Macasandig Bridge.

  • Ja mes

    People here have the rights to complain about delays of the project overpass between both malls but still its not a good idea or good planning still not impressed how the city planning works the city government should be wise at planning they should copy other places like shibuya in japan where an intersection that surrounded by establishments and landmarks and millions of people visit they plan to put a vertical pedestrian lane which is now a thing that people think about shibuya the city planning of cdo should change the people who manage and the government i will not be surprised if iloilo will surpass the cdo in the next few years that cdo is ahead than iloilo because of the city planning and unity of iloilo because i was there and i saw the difference.

    • Alas

      Iloilo is an old city. It has progressed noon pa. Due to close proximity to boracay, iloilo is undisputed 3rd busiest in terms of air traffic outside luzon after cebu and davao. Cdo, on the other hand, is a young city. Bago lang xa nag start na pansinin ng mha national investors. Wlang mag aanticipate sa rapid progress of cdo so ito ang naging resulta. Kailangan ng cdo ng mga leader na iniisip na amg cdo ay malaking syudad ma napaka progresibo, kaya kailangang malaki ang pondo. Yung 2.4B budget, kulang pa yan sa rate of progress ng cdo.

      • kachubong

        da kasab.an lagi mo ni iyo heheheh

  • bad breath

    sir kulang tag podo kaput sa ubang country japan is one of the rich country, dire sa ato korakot biya,