For several years, the river dike beside the Commission on Audit (COA) office in Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City has been referred to as some sort of a stream level measurement guide particularly during high river flows.

The dike has a text painted over it which reads:


Even if others are not, Even if others will not, Even if others cannot


BCBP is Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals. The slogan calls for honesty.

Locals often say there is flooding if the letters of the dike are under water. However, the said dike has deteriorated in the last few years due to constant scouring and erosion which caused the right portion to partially collapse.


You can see the dike’s edge at right now touching the new river dike.


The river dike project was initiated after Sendong and stretches from the river mouth towards the upstream. Shown below is the stretch along Carmen.


Will the new dike project affect the old Be Honest dike?

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