New Laguindingan Transport Terminal now operational

Local officials in Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental recently inaugurated last June 15 its new Transport Terminal.

With this development, buses plying the Cagayan de Oro – Iligan route and vice-versa will make a stopover at said terminal to pick up or unload passengers. As of today, so far only RTMI buses are making a stopover at the said terminal. Super 5 buses still use their small terminal near the Rotunda.




Here’s the map of the new terminal.


This project will promote development in this area which is considered an expansion of the municipality.




This is the terminal as you approach from the highway.



Buses make a turn at the junction of the highway towards the terminal.


This 2-lane concrete road is a new road opening.



The access road cut across a hilly portion.



with photos by Jun Bangoy Cainhog an Gene Eric

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  1. Palaboi says:

    So how do passengers travel from the terminal to the airport, and vice versa

  2. j_d says:

    It seems it will be congested once fully operated, 2 lanes is not enough especially the approach from Rotonda. If CDO bound buses going to terminal then make a U-turn at Rotonda then it will enter together with Iligan bound buses plus the to and from vehicles who are bringing passengers from the buses and from the Airport.

    Layo ra sab kaayo sa mga pasahero, didto nalang unta in between rotonda ug sa airport. Rotonda and airport are kilometers away.

  3. Gene Eric says:

    Pardon for my photos which are taken from inside the RTMI bus; very short stopover.

  4. BugokNoy says:

    Pagkabright sa atung gobyerno kay diha jud gibutang ang terminal! wala man lang gikonsidera ang future congestion ana nga dalan ug ang nakapait, layo ra kaayo sa airport! Magminaro nasad ning mga habal habal na feeling taxi sa pagpataw sa plete! Bow na bow nako!

  5. manchester-united says:

    kung dira nalang diay na duol sa rotunda gebutang dili pa lisod sa mga commuters tuyo-onon basad kayo ang nga terminal ah…wala pay ka design2x…..e-upgrade pod ninyo oi…

  6. RFM says:

    This Transport Terminal is owned and operated by the Municipality of Laguindingan. This is not part of DPWH jurisdiction. As to its location, i think that the local govt. envisioned that the municipality will grow economically. As to the provision for public vehicles to move around and provide service to commuters including going to the Airport i think this is up to the private initiatives.

  7. RFM says:

    Considering that Laguindingan government has opened a Transport terminal with its access road within the newly built half-rotunda, we can expect that in the near future the junction to the airport will become busy. In this regard, DPWH should have considered already acquiring the other side or opposite to the airport access road and make it a full rotunda. This is the result of POOR PLANNING.

  8. kubotsukuy says:

    Gisundog na lang unta sa Maramag ilang bus terminal. Unya tuyoonon ra sad kaayo ang location. Maglisod nuon nang mga pasahero ug aha manakayan padulong airport.

  9. ken says:

    uki ramana ., wala nmn say available nga yuta gawas ana ., banggilid bya nang laguindingan ., uki raman kha sa inyu banggilid ang terminal .lol

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