2243 : Moving Forward, a contemporary art exhibit featuring the Motorela, the patented invention by Rafael D. Floirendo, Sr., was recently launched at Centrio Mall last June 15 coinciding with Cagayan de Oro City’s 66th Charter Day.

The exhibit was made possible by a group called Siete Pesos composed of seven artists from Cagayan de Oro led by Oscar A. Floirendo, Nicholas Aca Jr., Errol P. Balcos, Michael E. Bacol, Michelle Hollanes Lua, Jericho Valjusto Vamenta and Ma. Rosalie Zerrudo. The same group showcased the city’s famed “motorela” during the Singapore Biennale 2013, an exhibit showcasing various works of contemporary art from Singapore, Southeast Asia and Asia.


Photo below shows four of the seven artists behind the exhibit.


The prototype motorela on display is a customized and remodeled version of the original motorela, and characterizes the modern motorela common in the city’s streets nowadays. By the way, the number “2243” refers to the patent number for the motorela, registered in 1964 by its inventor, Rafael D. Floirendo, Sr. Photo below shows Oscar Floirendo (inventor’s son) sharing a story of the motorela.



Siete Pesos is named after the 7 artists but it also corresponds to the maximum number passengers of the motorela as designed (6 passengers and 1 driver).


There were also exceptional performances during the launching including a cultural dance number from the Xavier University Dance Troupe, as well as song numbers by local talents.




The next time you see a motorela anywhere in the country, you can proudly say it was originally invented by a Kagay-anon.

photos by Vincent Tom Udasco

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