PROJECT WATCH: Alveo to develop 100 has. in Tablon


from Alveo Land Corp. FB page

Property giant Ayala Land will be developing a large area in Barangay Tablon, for its first venture in Cagayan de Oro City under the Alveo brand.

Based on the Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) as posted online by the DENR-EMB, the 101.5168 hectare undertaking will be developed in three phases as shown below. As indicated, the project will have housing subdivision and commercial components and with a code name KAYAK. It should be a master-planned mixed use community. Download the whole ECC HERE.


With this latest development, the city now has all of Ayala Land’s brands: Ayala Land Premier (Alegria Hills), Avida Land (Centrio Tower, Aspira Tower), BellaVita Land (Indahag), and Amaia Land (Amaia Scapes Bulua). Of course, the city also has Centrio (mall) and Seda (hotel).

The top photo is just a representation.

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  1. joseas says:

    Is this in baloy area? Nah! di na jud ni buy-an sa Tablon ang Baloy! HAHA. nara jud dnhi dapita mostly ang source sa ila income.

    • RFM says:

      Baloy should become a separate barangay from Tablon. This is injustice to Baloy being fully developed than Tablon.

      • James Badilla says:

        I may be bias as a former resident of Tablon but I gotta say the residents of Baloy are the greediest bunch of people in this great city. They manage to situate themselves in the 4/5 part of a barangay littered with factories and now decide they want to break away from the tiny residential part with triple the number of people. If that’s not greedy then I don’t know what? Also please stop trying to sound intelligent in a language your incapable of using correctly. I was lost in the “fully developed than” part. Ciao!

  2. O2 says:

    KAYAK tungod guro kay part sa property ani ang cugman river man.

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