Camp Alagar to implement weight-loss program for fat cops


Camp Alagar in Cagayan de Oro City is challenging all police officers in Northern Mindanao to keep fit and become health conscious as it starts to implement a weight loss program.

Read more Lito Rulona’s article HERE.

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  1. RFM says:

    mag early retirement na lang ang Police who won’t make it. an unfit policeman should not be tolerated, this kind of policeman is an indication of undisciplined and inefficient organization.

    • Super Bisdak says:

      Haha.. Chill lang Sir RFM, malooy pud intawon ka, taga-i pud ug chance nga mo-reduce.. 🙂

  2. limzkaye says:

    ihawon nlang nato ang mga fat cops dira oi

  3. george says:


  4. flak says:

    tsk2x luoya sa fat cops oy 🙁

  5. Rolando Carlo G. Marcial III says:

    pwede muapil…

  6. Arar says:

    Stressed siguro na pulis, ky dako kaayo

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