Cab driver returns iPhone left by kid


How much does an iPhone cost? Probably at least P30,000 nowadays. Well, for cab driver Mervin Tinoy, being honest is priceless as returning the smart phone to the rightful owner.

The story goes last June 5, 2016 at around 6pm with Keith Angel Jablan and his grandmother riding a van from Laguindingan Airport after a month-long holiday from Hong Kong. They were en-route to Bukidnon. However, they rode the wrong van which dropped them at SM City instead of Agora. There, they rode Mervin’s taxi who took them to Agora. Because of their heavy luggage and tiresome long trip, Keith did not notice his phone dropped inside the taxi. It was only when they’re on board the bus to Bukidnon that he noticed his phone was missing. Arriving home, they called up his cellphone which was answered by Mervin. They asked him to keep it safe as they would come back the next morning to pick it up. They agreed to meet at Limketkai.

Photo above shows Keith and Mervin with the thumbs-up sign after their meeting at Limketkai. Keith got his phone back and his mother wanted to share his experience with good Mervin. Mervin can be contacted at +63926-859-7035 😇😇.

photo and story courtesy of Naalbj LemRohc Nyyolj


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  1. KoolAidKid says:

    I think kuya driver doesn’t need an iPhone as to he has one or better yet he has an android 😀

    • Gelly Maddalora says:

      HiKoolAidKid, he doesnt need an iphone because he had everything!and that is the LORD JESUS! he is my brother in Christ.

  2. Bong says:

    Cool Honest man

  3. Franco says:

    Way to go Mervin you have good Canadian ethics. 🙂

  4. Super Bisdak says:

    Kudos to Mervin!

  5. Naa ko silingan nga taxi driver… one morning iyang asawa ni duol sa ako kay pagawas na ko sa balay going to work… she said, “Ay, mulakaw na ka? Pwede pa connect sa imong Wifi?”

    I don’t want to give her the WIFI password at home so I shared my Phone’s data over Tethering. She handed me an iPhone 6S PLUS. I said WOW! iPhone 6S Plus. pag check nako sa phone It needs to be setup for the first time like the new iPhone… So I thought it was really a brand new one.

    When I entered the wifi password and tap next it said the sim wasn’t registered or something… so I asked her if she tried Smart Sim since she had Globe SIM on that iPhone. She said yes na try na nako ang Smart… ambot ana oi nabuang man na.

    Ayha na dayon ko nag duda nga this is something… Well, not to discriminate their Status ha but, I am earning a lot more than her husband… and I cannot afford an iPhone 6s Plus. So how come they afforded to have an iPhone 6S Plus? I just told her to maybe return it to the store where she bought it or better yet have it jail broken at some repair shop at the mall because I really need to go to the office that morning…

    After few days…. nalaman ko nalang ang chismis sa mga silingan nga that iPhone was left at her hasband’s taxi and they didn’t returned it to the owner… and according to the chismis, Foreigner daw ang tag-iya sa Phone.

    I think the owner of that phone have it locked, so it couldn’t be used unless the owner have it.

    Hmmm… whoever the owner of that iphone, it is colored white iPhone 6S Plus. you can text me at 09264613463 if you want me to tell where that taxi driver lives or what is the unit he is driving and the plate number.

    Yun lang.

    • Scott Summers says:

      it is icloud locked. Appleid and passcode of the owner must be entered otherwise the phone is useless. However icloud locked iphones can still be use without the owner`s appleid and passcode this is done by availing icloud unlock service on the internet or in the local mobile phone repair shop. But expect high service charge though.

  6. “Honesty is the best policy and honesty is next to godliness.” I also found 1 iPhone 6 last year in VN. Without a doubt, I also returned it to someone. No reward, but just kindness and honesty. Hope we learn from this lesson and pass on to the next generation.

  7. If you have Christ you have everything. .
    And it cannot be replaced by anything even an IPHONE6. .

    • Gelly Maddalora says:

      Amen sis. Vanessa! Absolutely right! Mervin Tinoy is my batchmate in the full time training in Malabon and he is a burning brother.

  8. Legine Josol says:

    wow PTL kuya mervin… Christ was manifested! 😊

  9. Bro. Mervin..amen..Praise the Lord..

  10. Gelly Maddalora says:

    Dili man ingon ana ang intention sir Juice ug usa pa wala pud kabalo ang taxi driver nga e post sya sa internet basta nag request lang ang kid nga magpa picture sila. Mas maayo pud ng ma media para to set as an example para sa uban nga tawo nga mo function pa gihapon ilang conscience.

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