PROJECT WATCH: Cagayan Town Center


The commercial development along Antonio Luna and Capt. Vicente Roa Streets near Centrio Mall in Cagayan de Oro City now has a name – CAGAYAN TOWN CENTER.

The project goes well with the current trend in the city of lifestyle centers for dining and entertainment.


As shown below, it already has one locator – YAKIMIX.


Yakimix is a restaurant offering sushi and smokeless grills.


The 2-storey building is still under construction.



With close proximity to large malls, accessibility is an advantage for Cagayan Town Center

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  1. adiboy says:

    samok kayo nang mga sikad ja ai

  2. Davarkags says:

    i hope they will have parking areas kay huot kaayo na nga dalan diha.

  3. Royale says:

    Yes finally i love yakimix my family always eat at their restaurant everytime we were in manila so at my young age 14 i love the taste of foods

  4. Ari says:

    Before approving so called development a study and a solution must be made to ease traffic congestion ..

  5. wala naon na unta nang mag sikad dha dapita.. sa cogon lang sila dapit ilang rota..

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