RANDOM SHOTS: No Parking? No Problem


That seems to be what the drivers of these three 4-wheeled vehicles and one motorcycle had in mind when they parked right in front of the No Parking Sign along Echem Street right beside Avon and across DXCC in Cagayan de Oro City.

With the congested City Poblacion with small roads, the difficulty in looking for a parking space has become a daily predicament among drivers. The need for a parking building has been floated several years back but up to now, the proposal is still yet to be realized.

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  1. Super Bisdak says:

    Hahaha.. Plastar pa kaayo!
    Unsaon man nga wala may mga disiplina? 🙁

  2. RFM says:

    Actually that street – Echem St. is a minor street but wide enough. Considering that the City is lacking in parking space for customers of various establishments, the “No Parking” sign renders to be unnecessary. There is a need to rationalize the traffic system and balancing it with the economic activities of the City.

    • Super Bisdak says:

      I believe necessary ang “No Parking” sign diha kay ang pwede lang maparkingan along Echem St. is the opposite side of that street (that is along DXCC).

    • From Cdo says:

      The local government government should find a way to solve this problem. It really is very difficult to find a parking space along that street and the neighboring streets with in the area most especially on weekdays. Sometimes I am pushed to limit to park even if there is a no parking sign out of desperation. Parking in diagonal would be good in some areas to accommodate more cars compared the to the usual parallel parking. It would be a good idea also for RTA to review the no parking signs to be up to date.

  3. j_d says:

    Kani sab untang local government sa CDO once unta nga naay mag tukod ug establishment e require unta nila ang parking space. kay dili kalikayan nga daghan gud kaayo ang gahi sa ulo…

  4. j_d says:

    gana kaayo na guyoron daw ipa lukat dayon aro sab mi kita ang siyudad.

  5. agentdu30 says:

    mao nay epekto pag ang driver’s license kai gi agi sa fixer.

  6. Davarkags says:

    ganiha nagpark ko sa bdo carmen branch para mag withdraw. after 10 minutes balik ko sakyanan (SUV) pag-atras nako wala ko kabantay naa diay nagpark nga motor sa akong likod. letse nadamage gamay akong bumper. pagkawalay utok nga driver. kung wala lang ko nagdali hulaton to nakong driver daw ipadakop. samok kaayo ning mga walay disiplina nga driver diri sa cdo.

    • Super Bisdak says:

      Makarelate ko sa imong na experience sir. Naa pud koy na-atrasan once kay mi-kalit ra ug park ang motor sa likod. Lesson learned: i-check perme kung naay nagpark sa likod before mo-atras. Usahay maka-ingon pud ko nga gamit man diay gihapon ang mga Boy Atras. Haha..

  7. kitz says:

    the backing/parking sensor is of great help for your experiences…

  8. Jim says:

    All new building permits, commercial and residential, should only be issued when adequate off the street parking is provided for occupants and customers. It is ridiculous that BPI and RCBC build new branches on Masterson in Pueblo and provide parking for only 5 cars! It is so dangerous between this situation and the fact that it is a jeepney stop…someone will eventually be killed there!

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