Photo is that of Ralph Migrino, a taxi driver of the Air Jordan Taxi fleet in Cagayan de Oro City. Facebook user Chikay Noval Dumpa proudly shared her unique experience with Kuya Ralph.

Read below Chikay’s account (full text from Facebook post).

Meet Kuya Ralph Migrino, usa ka taxi driver sa Air Jordan Taxi.

I was able to ride his taxi on my way uptown from work. Along the way, a phone kept ringing. I was actually expecting it was his, and I see he’s deliberately not answering the call but was looking at it nonetheless. Then he suddenly handed me the phone (samsung-touch screen model) saying, “Ma’am palihug daw kog tubag, Kay dli ko kabalo ug gamit ana, nabilin ra man Gud na dri. Gusto unta nako tubagon pero dli ko kabalo unsaon.” Surprised as I was, i got hold of the phone and tried to call back whoever was calling yet to no avail. So I rummaged through the contacts and found no. Of the owner’s parents, called them up (may nalang naay load hehe) and explained to them the scenario. By some divine coincidence, the father of the owner was also on his way to exactly where I was heading, supposedly just to fetch his wife.

The taxi driver kept thanking me, saying he was glad I was there to answer cause he himself was a bit bothered how he can at least take the calls, trace the owner and see where he can turnover the phone. I kept on saying no, he shouldn’t thank me, and I know I was in no position to thank him, but I said thank you nonetheless for his very kind and honest act. He was saying it was not his in the first place so he thought he really should return it. Here’s the best part, Kuya Ralph does not even have any cellphone, only his wife does. Oh that struck me, he could have taken the phone for himself or perhaps sell it, but he didn’t and even asked for someone else’s help to turn over the unit.

While we were waiting for the owner to arrive, he was apologetic that it took me time pa to wait, I explained I was in no hurry, and asked him, basin ikaw pa Kuya, apektohan imo pamasada, he said he didn’t even have his dinner pa and was hungry na but he’d rather stay so he can finally give the phone to the owner.

The owner finally arrived, phone returned, and gave Kuya some reward for his kind gesture.

I could go on and think that he was after the reward, but how can u do that when u witnessed his sincerity throughout the entire experience. Heck surely he can by all means just take the phone, but he didn’t.

Saludo kaayo ko nimo Kuya! Grabe, naa pa gud diay mga tao sama nimo. I hope this reaches Air Jordan management and perhaps give due credit else even just recognition to Kuya Ralph for his honesty. I just see stories like this over tv and social media, and it’s truly a touching experience specially when you personally encounter instances when as they say, your faith in humanity was restored.

It had always been part of my prayer that God uses me as an instrument, a blessing for others, and indeed tonight God answered my prayer. Thank you for this amazing experience Lord!

May Kuya Ralph’s tribe increase.

courtesy of Chikay Noval Dumpa

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