Duterte eyeing country partnership for Mindanao Railway System Project


Incoming President Rodrigo Duterte is considering country partnership for financial assistance for the long delayed Mindanao Railway System which is among his priority infrastructure projects.

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photo from www.hochgeschwindigkeitszuege.com

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  1. Grahame says:

    A great photo, but here in the Philippines, like with jeepneys, we will surely have passengers on the roof? More seriously, we need to have a thorough cost-benefit study of this proposal. Maybe some country will fork up the costs of establishment, but for the life of me I cant see this Mindanao rail scheme being profitable and self-sustaining.

    Perhaps Duterte’s focus should be a little more national in ensuring there is a workable rail commuter network in Manila, which always seems to be breaking down, and on a Manila-Clark high speed train that will assist in an extension or replacement of the Manila airport.

    • RFM says:

      Ikaw na lang ang mag presidente para matuman imong gusto!

    • Cdolang says:

      Ikaw na ang kabalo!

    • rean says:

      animal ka grahame

    • Peter says:

      Super kitid nman utak mo grahame parang ayaw mo yata umasinso ang mindanao o boong pinas baka ika ang sumasakay sa bobong mga van na toyota na nga ang mga namamasahero sa mindanao ikaw ano plano mo grahame na mas paganda pa dyan.

    • kim2x says:

      Isn’t it ironic that you want the president to focus on something that the whole nation will benefit yet your statement betrays you, for you want the him to focus the mrt/lrt problem in manila. Where is the “national” in that?

    • mahakuttah says:

      enough of this imperial manila…decongest metro manila and start distributing progress all over the country…

  2. Tolen tino says:

    Totoo yan ….grahame…..airport…..seaport…..factory and etc….ay dapat ng irelocate……malawak at plain ang mga katabing probinsya dito sa mm …..at kahit buong mm ay kayang ilagay dito dahil sa sobrang lawak na wala pang laman……sobrang sikip na talaga dito sa mm ang ibig kong sabihin traaaaaaafic soooobra talaga….

  3. Redthug511 says:

    Haters…chill guys…after so many decades,the only thing we have now is the hope for this project to be possible.We should be thankful that Mr. President Duterte take this as one of his priority.

  4. Nene Ayjayar says:

    Actually, during the presidential debates, this Mindanao Railway System was mentioned by 2 other candidates (Poe and Binay?,i have to check my notes). Anyway, it’s really a project that puts us Mindanaoans spot on! Even the late Pres Marcos had plans for this, and then PGMA and even Erap. The country cited could be either Japan or China, although the former was mentioned earlier as being interested in a subway system in Metro Manila. But, if we go Federalism, why bother about Manila now? The Metro Manilans have always been the favored ones; this time, the playing field should be made more level – esp for us Mindanaoans.

  5. joseas says:

    I hope it’s a subway system.

  6. Redthug511 says:

    Exactly,it would be a 60/40 basis.

  7. j_d says:

    Let’s wait and see…it is already in the feasibility.

  8. Bernie says:

    it’s about time that Mindanao should have their share of progress. if this railway happens, it will boost Mindanao’s economy and we will stay in our own province and not add population to metro manila. it’s a win win situation.

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