RANDOM SHOTS: “Malling” at Limketkai


Why do people go to malls?

There are a variety of reasons.

  1. to buy or shop
  2. to check out what’s new
  3. to eat and dine
  4. to watch movie
  5. to meet some friend(s)
  6. to sit and relax
  7. to play (video)
  8. to watch an event
  9. to let kids play

….and for some, they go to the malls… TO SLEEP!

Well, for this dude above, it’s free air-condition and a bench all my himself at Limketkai Mall’s Green Lane at the second level.

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  1. RFM says:

    The Security Guard of LKK is sleeping on his job also. This dude is obviously a street kid.

  2. Grahame says:

    It is a pity we do not have more of those public seats in the Centrio Mall. Thank you Limketkai.

  3. lito says:

    Grabi sya oh

  4. gokou says:

    kadako sa iyang kwarto!hahaha

  5. Jejomar Binay says:

    Pasagdi na sya!

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