It all started a couple of months ago when truck loads of earthfill materials began arriving at the site at Cala-Cala, Tibasak, Macasandig, Cagayan de Oro City, considered as Ground Zero of the Sendong tragedy in 2011.

The flood control dike is now underway and as of today, the dike has started to take shape. Below is the billboard installed onsite.



Clearly, it lacked some basic information like COST, DATE STARTED and COMPLETION DATE.


A concrete outfall is currently being constructed onsite. This is a drainage outlet of a natural waterway in the area.


You can see the initial dike with some heavy equipment in the horizon.


This is the southern part of the dike where the river starts to meander. Across the river is Brgy. Balulang. You can see the mosque in the background.


You can observe some concrete piles by the riverbank.


The ground is still unstable and needs further compacting.


Some sand and gravel quarrying seen across the river.


Some photos of the dike. The two (2) columns in the background are actually one of the main piers of the Macasandig-Balulang Bridge project which is now under construction (Read LINK).

IMG20160531084629 IMG20160531084644  IMG20160531084724

Construction of the dike and the bridge is just timely as PAG-ASA just declared the onset of the wet season. Keep posted.

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