Leslie Gisele C. Sabellano of Xavier University scored 91.0% to finish joint 3rd Place in the Secondary Level of the Licensure Examination for Teachers given last March 20, 2016.

Xavier reaped a 79.69% (51 of 64) passing rate in the secondary level LET and 55.56% (10 of 18) passing rate in the elementary level LET.


The national passing rates for the elementary and secondary levels are 28.37% and 35.43%, respectively.

“We thank Dean Dr Jovelyn Delosa and the faculty and staff of our School of Education for continuing to maintain the high quality of our teacher training programs,” said XU president Fr Roberto C Yap SJ in his message to the academic community.

“Congratulations to our new XU Teachers! You touch the future when you teach!” greeted Fr Yap.

The Professional Regulation Commission and the Board for Professional Teachers announced on Thursday, May 19 that 12,128 elementary teachers out of 42,739 examinees and 18,810 secondary teachers out of 53,090 examinees successfully passed the LET given last March 20 in 20 testing centers across the country.

In February 2015, XU was hailed as one of the top 5 teacher education schools in the Philippines with 90% overall passing rate in Category A (1000+ takers) in the board exam for teachers from 2009 to 2014.

Full results HERE.

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