Lins Kinilaw sa Tabing Dagat – Libertad’s own stopover


For a long period of time, the town of Initao particularly near Midway was the favorite stopover among travelers and motorists between Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City either for coffee or lunch/dinner. But since opening a couple of years ago, LINS KINILAW SA TABING DAGAT located in Brgy. Gimaylan in nearby Libertad town in Misamis Oriental has so far attracted quite a number of patrons.

What makes it different from the old eateries in Initao is that it’s not just a restaurant but a resort as well. Its restaurant offers a wide selection of Filipino dish. It also has small pools in the basement.



Right outside, a wide selection of food is posted…

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The restaurant also offers a good view of the open sea. Initao is to the left.



You can see some small tables on the lower section where the mini pools are located…you might also try to take a dip.



Try their delicious (updated for 2016) Bilao meals good for 5 persons.


Or you might want to try their boodle menu on the right.


Can’t make up your mind? Just select from the display area.



Parking space is provided. Parking guides are there to help you.

IMG20160501123151 IMG20160501123157

Next time you travel, try Lins Kinilaw Sa Tabing Dagat. See map below.


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  1. BRIAN says:

    Lens restaurant how much for 25 persons half are children in dec my birthday good location please reply thanks

  2. supernova says:

    Lins Kinilaw is also managed and owned by one of the owners of known restaurant in Initao

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