ELECTION WATCH: Moreno poised to serve 2nd term (UPDATED)

Incumbent Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Oscar S. Moreno unofficially has been reelected to after 100% of Election Returns showed him a lead of more than 16,000 votes over former mayor Vicente Emano.

See below the final figures as of 11:45am, May 11, 2016.

election results-mayor

Meanwhile, Moreno’s running mate, Rainier Joaquin “Kikang” Uy was elected as the new city vice mayor.

election results-vice

For the race for the House of Representatives in the 1st District, incumbent Rolando “Klarex” Uy won over City Councilor Candy Darimbang.

election results-dist1

In the 2nd District, Maxie Rodriguez was victorious and will return to Congress.

election results-dist2

For the city council, Padayon bets lead in 8-6-2 line-up (Padayon-Liberal-CDP) for the 2 districts.

election results-cc1

election results-cc2

View full results HERE.



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  1. Davarkags says:

    wohoo! go team OKKE!!!

  2. Jm She says:

    Minority nalang ang Emano group. Kita na jud ang katag nila. Go team OKKE!

  3. Ryan says:

    Congrats team oka…

  4. Sabyer says:

    Ayaw ng CdeO ang Emano Dynasty, dli uso dring Lugara.

  5. cs luis says:

    We have 2 legislative districts but our voting population is so small. None of the city-wide candidates even reached the 100k mark. We should revert to 1-legislative district. 2 legislative districts means more money to waste and to corrupt.

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