ELECTION WATCH: It’s Duterte-Marcos in Cagayan de Oro

It was a landslide victory for Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in Cagayan de Oro City.

Duterte got 163,321 votes or roughly 67%.

election results-PRES

For vice president, it was tight but Senator Bongbong Marcos edged out Leni Robredo and Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano.

election results-VICEPRES

View full results HERE.

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  1. nightcafe says:

    Dear president digong:
    mindanao railway system must be included in your 6 months presidency and start materialize within that time.para sure mahuman og magamit sa emo term…CDO to Metro davao

  2. nightcafe says:

    Also;break the praise”mindanao the land of promise” to “mindanao the land of success”.

  3. pikat says:

    yes and also included cdo as the land of traffic hehehehehe

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