Duterte to ban street side drinking sessions


With his rivals conceding one by one, Rodrigo Roa Duterte is now poised to become the first Mindanaoan Philippine President and among his proposals is considering banning of street-side drinking sessions as part of efforts to curb criminality.

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photo from pinoytoma.com


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  1. Gene Eric says:


  2. C says:

    That’s a good start MrPresident Duterte also prosecute Roxas,Napoles find them and they should answer to Pilipino people ,they must return the billions they rob from Filipino people,that’s why ,you were put there Sir.They’re still asking where are those money? A billion 1/5 alone of what they rob can build a business that do many people can work and feed their starving family.They let Napoles escape or out from prison because they’re afraid she will start to talk if this Aquino Administration is gone.That’d obvious that they will let her out in spite of the hideous,evil stuff she did.That’s trillion both ,Rob from Filipinos.thank you Sir ,I’m always one of your fan .I thank God that you won,you are the answer to the corruption happening to our country,now my second country.God Bless the Philippines and God Bless you Sir.

  3. Jejomar Binay says:

    Sayang! Di ninyo ako binoto. Inuman sana tayo 24hrs

  4. Ahmek Zen says:

    That is actually what I wanted to change in Philippines for a long time. Dito sa Canada bawal ang ganyan. People can even get in trouble if they carry an open alcohol container in public areas. Tapos bawal din ung alak na reachable habang nagdadrive ng sasakyan. Kailangan ilagay sa malayo. I dont follow it kasi I am lazy to put it at the back of the car but if anything happen, I could get in trouble because of that, haha

    • Honeybeej says:

      Weird, but in other more progressive societies, wala silang paki with alcohol on streets. Like in Germany, people can drink beer sa tram, u-bahn, etc.

      I guess we’re not at that point yet na we can self-police and that we still need external policing.

  5. Prosecute Napoles. Unahin na si BBM and family at sila ang number 1 sa lahat ng corrupt at naging BI sila or bad influence at pinaramisan ng mg politicians sa ginawa nilang sample

  6. Charz says:

    Thats correct and true.i really agree on that and should be imposed. Drinking outside public places esp in residential areas can cause noissance , disturbance in neighborhood who wants to rest early for they have early work the next day.and most of all drinking in streets usually cause criminality and physical injuries.it should be banned.

    • Charz says:

      Well in germany people there are disciplined .some filipinos are uneducated..magnanakaw , mandurigas, snatchers,shabu dealers…..thats the diffrence ..if u want to see drinking in streets then you live in germany not here on phils.

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