RANDOM SHOTS: Stalled truck halts traffic in Gusa for hours

There was no political caravan last night but thousands of commuters and motorists were stranded for several hours along the National Highway in Gusa, Cagayan de Oro City after a trailer truck encountered a mechanical problem as it maneuvered to enter a hardware compound.

The truck which was carrying two containerized vans suddenly stalled and blocked three lanes of the highway. Specifically, this occurred a few meters from RAC Commercial near Pride Rock Business Park. Photo below shows the stalled traffic at galaxy Junction looking west.


photo by Louie Yee

It was rush hour and many were stranded on the busy highway.


photo by Dax Jara

Local traffic personnel had to rush to the area to direct traffic but since 3 lanes were blocked and the timing during rush hour made it more difficult.


photo by Dax Jara


photo by Dax Jara

Bystanders crowd the truck as mechanics started to troubleshoot the problem.


photo by Dax Jara

This is the truck which stalled. Note it was coming from the east and making a turn to its left when it stalled.


photo by Dax Jara


photo by Dax Jara

Mechanics rush in to fix the problem.


photo by Dax Jara

Many commuters had to alight from jeepneys and were forced to walk.


photo by Dax Jara


photo by Dax Jara


photo by Dax Jara


photo by Dax Jara

Motorists had to utilize this only available lane at the time.


photo by Dax Jara


photo by Dax Jara

A couple of ambulances were affected by the traffic. Hopefully there was nobody on board which need immediate medical attention.


photo by Menzie Montes

Because of the traffic, many were suggesting it was really time to have another highway parallel to the existing one. The highway was finally cleared past midnight.

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  1. Gene Eric says:

    Nice photos! May gani wala na hitabo sa pag motorcade ni DU30 🙂

  2. haja says:

    Aside from a parallel highway…kulang SA discipline ang uban drivers. Nganong di man mag give-way bisag tag 2 vehicles man lang, puli-puli each direction. Pataasay lang gyud ug ihi.

  3. tsamok says:

    dli na kinahanglan ang parallel hway, heavy trucks should not be allowed on thse areas, as well as knang mga warehouses should be placed not along major h ways…

  4. rean says:

    I think this kind of vehicle shud travel 12mn onwards

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