With 2 days left before the May 9 national and local elections, every voter should know his/her voting precinct to avoid delay. Often times, going to the wrong voting area and searching your name from all postings outside the voting precinct causes the delay. You might as well search it online ahead.

Just follow the brief guide below.

1. Go to the Comelec Website (www.comelec.gov.ph) and click on ONLINE STATUS VERIFICATION. See below. Or just click HERE.


2. Click on PRECINCT FINDER TAB. If you’re an overseas voter, click on POST FINDER.


3. Type your FIRST NAME, MIDDLE NAME, LAST NAME, BIRTHDATE…and type the Catcha text indicated in the space provided. Then click SEARCH.


4. The LOCATION and PRECINCT NUMBER should be provided. Take note of it. A map

If the Comelec website is down, you might try GMA Network’s mirror facility of Comelec’s precinct finder. It’s just one step. Just type in your data in the space provided. Don’t forget to check “I’M NOT A ROBOT” and click SEARCH.


Click HERE for GMA Network’s precinct finder.

Your Polling Center and Precinct should be shown.


You can even click the SEE ON MAP TAB to know the location. Here’s a sample.


You might to retry the same procedure every now and then as many will be accessing the website for the same purpose.

To validate your precinct number, try the ONLINE VOTERS LIST. Just select the PROVINCE, CITY/MUNICIPALITY, BARANGAY and PRECINCT. It should show the list of voters in each precinct. Just inform your neighbors or friends who might be in the same polling precinct. Click HERE.


Vote wisely…

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