Concreting of Pueblo de Oro Diversion Road underway

Residents of Pueblo de Oro’s Westwoods Village at the Calaanan Valley will soon have a new access to the uptown area as concreting of the new diversion road is now well underway.

As shown in the photos below, this road connects Westwoods Village to the upper portion of the township between Philamlife Village and Hillsborough Pointe and straight to Xavier University Pueblo Campus.



This road is exclusively for Westwoods residents. See map below.



Westwoods residents currently use PN Roa Sr Avenue (Macapagal Drive).

photos by Butch Terre

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  1. PRESIDENT Jejomar Binay says:

    uptown for the win!

  2. Good day! We would like to clarify that the new road is exclusively for the use of Westwoods residents. Thank you!

  3. RJ says:

    lusot ni sa pueblo Xavier University High School..kanang naay dalan tapad sa hillborough ug phil-am life..

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