Thousands of people from all walks of life lined up along the National Highway from Barangay Puerto to the City Proper and waited for hours as Biyaheng Du30 (Duterte Caravan) finally made its way into Cagayan de Oro City last night.

The crowd spilled into the main highway blocking traffic upon hearing the conking of horns and the bus which carried Elizabeth Zimmerman and Sara Duterte entered the city limits in the eastern side. The trip from Puerto to the city proper usually takes about 40 minutes but yesterday, it took almost 4 hours.

Factory workers from Del Monte cannery (in white shirts) flood the streets and the overpass as the caravan enters Bugo, the city’s easternmost barangay.


People wait for the caravan.


Photo taken from aboard the bus…


The facial expression says it all….(this was in Jasaan).


You could see the 6-lane highway in Lapasan now reduced to 2.

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This is in Barangay Agusan…hundreds of motorists joined the caravan.


The sun has already set but the people continued to wait for the caravan to arrive.


This now at Agora Junction near Puregold.



Inday Sara felt goosebumps as she posted this photo in her Facebook account


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…and the bus finally appears…


…and passes by.

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The caravan moves into CM Recto Avenue…

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with photos by Chris Arobe, MindaVote 2016, Biyaheng Du30, Cecilio Cabasan, Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio

  • Jose Eric Ervin Mende

    The cagayanons and the filipino people clamors for the Real Change and thats Duterte Fever…awesome and unstoppable!

  • These photos should be devestating to other politicians who must pay people to attend their rallies.

  • RFM

    Yes Duterte for REAL Change, for FEDERALISM!

  • jun tupag

    I was the lead rider in-charge for the route of byahing Duterte in Cagayan de Oro. When the convoy arrived at the boundary of CDO-MISOR in Barangay Bugo hundreds of people are already along the sidestreets cheering Du-ter-te! waiving their hands with some holding posters of Pres Digong and many doing the DUTERTE FIST. It was hard for me to lead because people are blocking the streets. As i was protecting my eyes not to be sweated because I was just 2 weeks undergone an eye cataract operation I told my co-riders to lead so that I can make my way to go ahead and look for parking space which is 500 meters from the convoy to wipe my sweat not known by the people that at the same time i was crying because i was so emotional looking at the people along the way. In my many ways as a rider this is my first time to escort a VIP with lots of people along the streets which is very phenominal that even myself i was carried away with emotions lookng at people raising with Duterte fist!

    • Anna liza Acain

      Thank you sir…God Bless philippines
      Du30 for president 2016

    • Llenny B. Ladao

      Thank u sir..we’re all happy.

    • Bhong

      I am from cagayan de oro sir and my vote is for mayor duterte ????

    • I was part of the caravan when the biyaheng DUTERTE bus arrived at the center of Tagoloan municiplity.. i decided to join the caravan. I am a die hard duterte followers. When the time that was duterte undicided not to run i lost hope but im still praying that he will get the right decission. When ive heard about the pdp laban mr diño who drop his candidacy and the IRON FIST will be the reliever.. i am very much thankfull that god forgives my prayers…… kaya ito ako ngayon along the cmapaign seasons. nag pa print ako ng maraming stickers and boler for you guys who wants change for our nation…. CHANGE IS COMING…. DUTERTE2016 DI MATITINAG……

    • Gigi Escalante

      God bless you! I’m from CDO and watching all of these from overseas, and like you I am also crying for happiness that finally all of the filipinos are coming together and fighting for a better life for everybody , but you saw all these phenomenon in person while I rely on facebook and the social media for news. Salamat kaayo for all that you did! Duterte for the win!

    • hermie Lumictin

      Thank you so much Mr. Jun Tupag for your unconditional efforts shared for the Byahing Duterte. Our country needs a surgeon that will completely remove social cancers which is endemic in almost all areas of the govt operations. Duterte is the only leader that can sweep out criminals and corrupt public officials and employees. I cannot wait to see that our motherland would emerge to be a better place to live.God bless you brother!!



  • zoiloantoniovelez

    Trillanes pa more.

  • nag attend ko ani nga caravan nakahilak ko ani sa mga tao grabi nila effort pag himo sa karatola, Yero (sin), plywood,sako,karton, uban pa, ilang gamit pag himo DUt30 sign,.pag dasal nalang natin c DUTERTE before tayo bumoto sa halanan,.nag hahanap na talaga tunay na pagbabago..

    • Evangeline Espinosa

      Wooooo!!!DUTERTE CAYETANO!!! Cagayanon salamat! My beloved city. CHANGE is coming….

  • From bugo po.. To city proper..hehehe..

    • Cindy

      Im from cdo and now residing in US, i never thought i will be so emotional watching all the post in social media about DU30 was it tears of Joy coz I can feel that change will be happening soon? Im so tired of BS our govt have now. Im scared to come home now in my native land coz of security reason. If Digong will win i will come home again in my native land Philippines. Wishing for a peaceful election and God bless DU30….

  • Deicide

    daug nani kung dli lang manikas ang mga f***ng yellow retarded zombies!! hahahha

  • meow

    sugod nag hilak ang mga kalaban ni DU30 ani! hahaha
    wala gane sila nang hakot og tao diri pero OMG! ag panon ang mga kagay-anon!
    #ChangeIsComing #DU30ForTheWin 🙂

  • Le


  • INTERESTING. Driving around CDO, looking at political stickers pasted on vehicles, not one vehicle owner voted for Poe, Roxas, or any of the other Presidential candidates. They ALL voted for DUTERTE.