RANDOM SHOTS: Flowers bloom in Uptown CDO

It’s summertime and the flowers are blooming with this photo of Masterson Avenue near Pryce Plaza in Uptown Cagayan de Oro City.

The flowers provide colors and a welcome respite from the brown vegetative landscape brought about by El Nino…


photo by seventeen snapshots

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  1. RFM says:

    Very colorful scene. Very natural.

  2. kachubong says:

    murag sa amoa sa vancouver

  3. dom says:

    basta mulabay ko diri sa pryce dapit kung summer, feeling nako naa ko sa japan. chos. cdodev admin, unsa diay ngalan ani na kahoy?

  4. Gene Eric says:

    The purple flowered tree that blooms here during hot climate is called the Jacaranda Tree.

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