Cagayan de Oro City’s road networks continue to expand with the New Cagayan de Oro Western Diversion to be constructed soon connecting the proposed Macabalan – Bonbon Bridge to the New Coastal Road.

Shown below is the map as based on the official route of the project by the DPWH. Basically, it will displace many families in Bonbon area just before reaching Raagas Beach. The New CDO Western Diversion Road will connect to the Bayabas Section of the CDO-Opol Coastal Road just before the main drainage canal. Click the image for larger view.


Below is the DPWH map as posted in Barangay Bonbon’s Facebook page.


…and the official communication on the conduct of public consultation.


Usually, some minor changes of the route are expected after due consultations but the main alignment remains the same. Keep posted.

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