Remember that so-called “Cinderella House” along Capistrano Street in downtown Cagayan de Oro? It’s now totally gone after workers completely demolished the structure which has been a fixture among famed ancestral homes in the city.

Below is the house before the demolition. It’s unique architecture often reminds passersby and motorists of a fairy tale ala Cinderella.

photo from

Photos below during the demolition.

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And finally…. now completely gone with only a portion of the front stairs remained.

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with photos by Vincent Tom Udasco

  • yan2x

    Mao ning nakaapan sa cdo, ang mga heritage houses kay gipang.demolish. what a waste. Pero then again, dili man nato ang tag.iya sa mga balay.

  • Mark

    Giguba kay gapakita si cinderella..

  • ge guba ni kae balayan ni elsa ug anna …do you wanna build a snowhauz

  • Ryl

    Haunted man daw Na ???

  • kian

    Gi guba na ni Cinderella Kay ni balhin nas castle Kay gi kasal na sya. ??

  • Jed Crack

    ka sayang ba ani, silingan baranggay ra mi ani, what a waste sa cultural architectural heritage of cagayan de oro

  • PRESIDENT Jejomar Binay

    mga way buot! palita nlng na kaw!

  • de facto

    unsa pud kaha ang itukod dha?

  • Jin

    Been inside there before several times.

  • tsk.tsk.tsk.. What a waste. CDO gov’t must do something about this before it’s too late..?

  • Mya

    Sad to see a heritage building gone. Our govt should create a body for preserving historical sites

  • RFM

    The government has no right over a private property. It is the prerogative of the owner what to with the private property.

  • silingan

    Lady owner was murdered inside the house a few years case you didn’t know..

    • onsay ful story ana?


    Evrytime ga agi me ana. Gaka hadlok jud ko. Pero even though na it looks very old. I can still see the beauty of that house.

  • I lived and grew up next to that beautiful snd stunning typical spanish mansion on Capistrano abd Antonio Luna streets CDO.. I just don’t really know the rationale why it was demolished .. It might had a new owner .,the Gov’t has no hold on it, unless the owner has the intension to preserve such structure .. Pero kanang giingon nila na hunted o horror house , that is not true…mga “hearsays ” kang yan ..

  • Kob

    Pulihan guro ni sya ug 7/11

  • Zohan

    Rumors that a Highrise Condo will be built to that property, not confirm though 😀

  • George

    Naa man gud mga whitelady dd2.

  • I remember when I was in Grade 5 passing this area going to City Central School. It was noted daw that their is a white lady which is wala man intawon jud “hearsays”.

    • olivia clarito

      After that demolition, how’s the place going to be? I always adored that house every time I passed by it to pay a visit for my late uncle/auntie (Lancero/Caagbay) nearby..

  • anago

    They dont know what it is to be treasured. Consequences right then be served.