Cagayan de Oro City has been included among the top ten most efficient highly urbanized cities in the country based on a recent list released by the National Competitiveness Council.

The ranking was based on the following 10 parameters: capacity of health services, capacity of schools, police to population ratio, business registration efficiency, investment promotion, compliance to national directives, LGU tax, transparency, economic governance, and the number of awards acquired by the LGU.

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photo by Cris John Tagupa

  • Juan

    If efficiency in the “City of Golden Flow” was measured on how many men I see urinating in public each day, then I would believe this story.

    • de facto

      CDO is an efficient city. Put that in ur pea-sized brain. hahaha

    • Super Bisdak

      I agree on men indiscreetly urinating in public. However, the criteria of the efficacy of a city has no bearing with your gripe.

    • RFM

      NICE pic of CDO

  • nightcafe

    cagayan de oro tsada tsada tsada!

  • alfred

    paghilum diha juan mao na lang na imong nakita sa cagayan?

  • Road-traveler

    As if all the other cities listed here don’t have such a problem, Juan? We are not comparing CDO to American cities, we’re comparing it to other Philippine cities so don’t act like other Philippine cities are on the same level of America. And I do agree with this list, by the way, but there’s still a lot of problems to fix for sure.

  • Ksa

    I think urinating in the public is also a problem in the other richest city…then why they are declared as rich city if the basis is only that…ai duh….sakit sa masinahon oi!even richest man in the world can urinate in the public labi na kung kahiion na gyud sya!

  • Osama

    suya lang ka…

  • Another Juan

    Regular Juan, naay 10 parameters o, on how to measure the efficiency of the city. how come nisulod ang urination sa topic when in fact, garbage, human trafficking, drugs, corruption, smuggling, and all those kinds of things, problema naa sa syudad sa una pa. Ang ilang gitanaw ana pag measure, naa sa description. (basa basa pud kung naay oras)