RANDOM SHOTS: The salt flats of Alubijid

For decades, fisherfolk in Alubijid in Misamis Oriental have produced salt with the simplest process of all…. solar salt making.

Due to its proximity to the bay, seawater (saltwater) are simple re-directed to these wide expanse near the coast. Due to its prolonged exposure, water evaporates leaving behind the minerals which is usually salt. But because of El Nino, salt production has been reportedly benefiting the salt makers… These salt flats are located just a few kilometers away from Laguindingan Airport.


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photo by Cris John Tagupa

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  1. asaa says:

    nice libre asin dha?

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  3. Gene Eric says:

    Those with thyroid problems have to buy salt here because it isn’t iodized.

  4. lorie paclipan says:

    where to buy salt in Alubijid?

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